D-Djo  is a profesionnal dancer from the massive movement company located in the Netherlands. He danced in many theatres and even teached at the Royal conservatorium of Ballet in The Hague. Mostly, he is teaching all over Europe : from Belgium to the Netherlands, Poland (Poznan, SRT Kontrast with Polish hiphop champions Mattheuw Markievcz and Katerzyna Markievicz). France and Croatia(Rijeka). He also danced with the famous Shabadoo (movie Breakin'), Kyle Hanagami, Rob Rich (Chris Brown), ...

Mclaim Delandis (video clip with Sarah Hackett in Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles), Anthony Thomas (Lockin master US). He also improved his skills by taking classes with Kennis (American Best dance crew). In Belgium, except being a teacher, he is already known as a dancer being the left hand of Tshilomba Ghislain (Jazz Rock). Up to that, he is also known as a music producer (and DJ (for battles)) under the name BB-Jalias and as a popular dance event organisator (TransSs Chorégraphique, Meet2Dance) 

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